Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
29,90 €

Unique silicone mold No.005  with LIVE EDGES SHELL is made of platinum silicone. The mold is adapted for the production of all patterns . If you don't cast the entire mold up to the surface, it may happen that you have sharp edges on the bottom of the product. They need to be sanded with a file or something similar.

Every silicone mold from us is HANDMADE.  We try to make them as best as we can, as they say, a satisfied customer is the best customer. :-) as we have already said our silicone molds are handmade and we need 3-5 days ( does not include weekends ) to produce if not in stock. Right after that, the package is subsequently sent to the courier company of your choice.

If you want a discount, please contact me. Applies to Europe, where it is necessary to pay VAT . For a larger order, always contact us for better price. This applies to the whole world


Finished product (depends on the volume of epoxy used). 

space for cup: 10 cm - 11 cm ( 3.93" - 4.33" )

total product size: 14,5 – 15,5 cm ( 5.7" - 6.10 " )

product height: 1.3 cm ( 0.51" )

The silicone mold has dimensions of 16,5 x 17 cm in diameter  ( 6,49 x 6,7" )  and the depth of the mold is up to 1.9 cm (0.75" inch)

Weight of the mold is 233 grams .

After packing for delivery approx 260 grams.

Attention : On the casting in the video, you can see, as it were, a scratch from the bottom of the mold. It is from the adhesive tape with which I attach the castings to the casting molds. NOT FOUND ON SILICONE MOLDS!!!

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